Saturday, 6 October 2012

linux LVM

Logical volume manager
Physical volume
Group volume 
Logical volume 

 Step = 1
 Create a two partition

 then change the id number
#Fdisk –l

 #Fdisk /dev/sda

 Run the command

#Partprobe /dev/sda Pvcreate /dev/sda7 /dev/sda8 [to create physical volume]

#Vgcreate /dev/lg /dev/sda7 /dev/sda8 [here lg is the volume group which will create by default and sda7 sda8 is added into it]

#Lvcreate –L +500M –n username /dev/lg [space will be provide for user]

#Mke2fs –j /dev/lg/username [format directory user]

#Mount /dev/lg/username /mnt   [mount the directory]

 #Cd /mnt Ls It will show lost+found means partition is ready Pvdisplay [to show physical volume]

#Vgdisplay [to show volume group]

 #Lvdisplay [to show logical volume]

#Vgs Pvs Lvs To increase the lvm

#Lvextend –L 800M /dev/Dirctory/username

 [to increase the size of the User lvm]

#Resize2fs /dev/Dirctory/username [to resize the partition ]

#E2fsck –f /dev/Dirctory/username [to activate the increased the partition of lvm]

 To extend volume group

#Vgextend /Dirctory/username [to extend the volume group]

#Vgreduce /Dirctory/username [to reduce the volume group]

 To decrease the lvm

#Lvreduce –L -500m /dev/Dirctory/username

 To remove lvm and vg

#Lvremove  /dev/Dirctory/username [to remove the lvm]

#Vgremove  /dev/Dirctory/username [to remove the volume group]

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