Tuesday, 11 August 2015

RedHat Installation Guide For Begineers Step By Step

Here we go with all installation steps in Red Hat Linux 6:

System requirement Recommended by Red Hat As Follow:

Installation Methods In RedHat
4)PenDrive(Any bootable Device)

Installation Types:
1) CLI (Command Line Interface)
2) GUI (Graphical User Interface)
GUI are two tyes 1:- GNOME(graphical Network Object Model Environment)
                            2:- KDE  (Kedze Desktop Environment)

 So lets start with DVD/ISO Image when boot comes up:
Step 1
 Press Enter

 After that click on Skip to avoid media test
 Then leave ea it is or click Next

Here we have another option if we have already installed then we can upgrade to our Linux

Here Set the Host-name Example training.example.com and one more thing we can do here Network Configuration 

Here select your country Time and click Next

Set Strong Password For Your Server and Next

If you don't know how to create partition then leave it on Use all space either you
can select and create
Select the free space and create but before you know the prerequisite by RedHat

you can create simply that partition or through LVM
though LVM Boot or Swap created before Made all Space To LVM.
select free space and create boot or swap

Create Swap but before you should to know the swap recommendation
Give the size to swap on your RAM basis
if you dont know the how many ram in your system then press ctrl+alt+f2 
after that run this command #cat /proc/meminfo

Now add all the space or required sapce to LVM
Click OK and Select LVM Volume Group

 After that Click On Add and Create Required Partitions

Look like This and click OK

After that it will look like this.

Then Click On Next

Leave as it is or although you can set password on boot loader to make more secure

Here select any server as you required and also you can customize here

you can select any required package here then click on Next
Now Installation Begins

 When its completed click to reboot.

 after reboot comes up 

There are two types of user at starting time 
1) Root (Has 100% rights)
2)Normal User (has only 10% rights)
So make sure do not made any change as a root without taking backup of any files.

Vijay Kumar
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